Friday, January 13, 2006

I Didn't Feel Like It!

Yesterday was mostly a wash with the exception of my photography. The weather was too beautiful to sit inside and work all day. I spent the morning outside with my dogs and took some photographs and played fetch. We went for walks and just hung outside soaking up the sun in the almost 70 degree temperatures. Yes, I could have taken my notebook out and worked on my novel but I didn't. I have no excuse for not writing other than I didn't feel like it. I played hooky and though I felt a tad guilty I had a blast and I recommend it to anyone who like me normally plants their ass in their office chair and writes everyday regardless of whether they feel like it. Sometimes no matter how committed you are to your craft a day off is needed to recharge, rejuvenate and reenergize you. Today I feel ready to write but not full-tilt, after all it's going to be another beautiful morning and I'm going to spend it outside with my dogs and camera walking the neighborhood looking for interesting things to photograph. Who cares if I have a half naked Christmas tree sitting in my living room, not me I'll finish taking that down this weekend when the weather is cold and raining again.

I still have things on my list from yesterday to do so again I will attempt to squeeze some of them in, but fun and sun with the dogs is first. I'm playin' hooky again! Until next time Good Writing!

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  1. Hey lady, you better get Crack-a-Lacking, and stop goofing off. If I got to work so do you.