Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Progress & Responsibility

I’m steadily making progress on my current novel Beneath the Surface and deepening my research for Weather Bites, which was my NaNo 2005 novel. My photography is slow and due to some crisis with my cat I have to put buying any new lenses and lighting kits on hold. I love all my animals and their health is one of my top priorities. Because I took on the responsibility of owning them I need to love and protect them as I would my children.

But when things like this happen, I'll admit I'm human and sort of felt resentful that I had to live up to my responsibility to my cat. I wanted a new lens and lights, but then my cat Leonardo didn't ask to be born or have a say in my adopting him so I did what any pet lover would do, I took him to the vet and had him looked at. They poked and pricked him and to my horror found that my poor Leonardo had not pooped for quite a while! They showed me the x-rays and you could clearly see all the fecal matter stuck in him. Yes, I know gross. Leo is 17 years old, mostly healthy until this and his prior diagnosis of kidney disease. Now in less than two days I find myself not only having to give him meds for his kidney disease, but antibiotics for his back-up and an oral laxative.

I find myself thinking that time is not on his side and I'm not ready to think about losing him. But it is something I have to start thinking about because his quality of life is most important. So, I'm making mental notes of how far I am willing to go in his treatment. Unfortunately I have to consider the financial aspect of his care because I have a family as well as three young dogs. Right now Leo appears to be on the mend, eating well, and accepting his meds, he even liked the laxative. So for now I'll enjoy Leonardo and accept that I am his voice and I need to trust my instincts.

Other news

My photo blog is having some issues. My posted pictures are showing as unavailable, but if you click where the photo should be you can still view the photo. I also changed the blog name from Pixel View to Pixel Perspectives here's the new direct link-

I bought the domain name Eventually it will become the home of a small dog boutique and the place for me to showcase my pet portraits. My dream is to open my own pet portrait studio. Don't laugh there's a huge market out there for this and I love photographing the furry four-legged set over the two-legged creatures. I'm going to keep my Pixel Perspectives site but will probably take it off line over the coming summer to revamp it to showcase my other photography and digital art. I'm just not sure of what I really want to do with the site, all I do know right now is I will not let the name go.

That's it for now. Good writing to all!


  1. You know, you inspired me to try to take more candid photos of my dogs. Yours are always so great. And in my attempts I discovered that it is NOT easy. Most of them come out with my dog looking like the camera is going to EAT them. But, due to persistance, I have managed two I would consider OK, and one only happened because my dog happened to yawn. So I've come to the conclusion you have unusual dog telepathy vibes going on. :)

  2. LOL! Telepathy?! No really it's patience. I love watching my dogs and I always have my camera with me when I'm playing with them. And all three are hams, they all love the camera and the treats I carry in my pocket ;)