Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The Whine

The year started well, but has gradually gone down hill. I'm still writing everyday and researching my new WIP but I can't seem to get my written word from my notebook into my Alphasmart and onto my PC. I have at least 75 written pages to type. Many have suggested I just type my story directly into my Alphasmart and while it's a good idea, it's not one that works for me. I love holding the pen and writing on paper. I love the scratching sound my pen makes. It's like reading books for me. While e-books are good in theory, I don't like reading them because I can't physically hold them, it's the same with my online critique group, I don't like to read their submissions on the screen so I print them out and handwrite my comments on the paper. And all that carries over into my writing. I do however type my blog entries directly into my AS and I do this as an exercise to hopefully one day have it carry over into my novel writing, but so far it hasn't worked.

Another reason my year is slowing is because my 17 year old cat Leonardo is not doing well. Over the last week we've spent three of the last seven days at the vet. His initial checkup went well, his kidney disease was under control, but he had some sort of infection and was slightly dehydrated so he received some fluids and we went home. We returned to the vet on Tuesday and later found out our poor kitty was severely constipated, that was taken care of with enemas but we were back at the vet on Saturday because he still wasn't pooping or eating enough. We found out his kidney and liver values were rising and he was dehydrated again. He's home with a new rounds of antibiotics, an antacid and his kidney meds. He's still not eating enough but he appears more alert and isn't hiding as much. But unfortunately I have to start considering his quality of life.

I refuse to turn him into a pincushion the way we did with our last cat Sammie. Despite our best efforts Sammie declined rapidly and to this day I still feel guilty for taking him back and forth to the vet for fluids and testing. I will not do that to Leonardo, not because I don't want too, but because it seems the more we poke at him the less he seems to want to live. Unfortunately I also have to consider the financial side too and we can't afford $100+ for vet visits and tests if we hope to continue to eat. But for now he's doing better and while we won't be able to do much more medically we can definitely pray.

For now, I will love my kitty and get back to my writing. Until next time, good writing.


  1. Poor, poor little kitty. I'll be thinking about you all.

  2. Sorry to hear about Leonardo. I know how hard this is for you.

  3. I am so sorry to hear about the kitty. I wish a speedy recovery for him.

  4. Poor kitty :( Love him now...
    On an unrelated note, I dreamt about you the other night. You opened your own bookstore. Seemed to carry mostly children's books, from what I recall. It was SO real!

  5. Hope your kitty is OK...good luck writing & congrats to you hubby for the promotion.

  6. All our best to Leo kitty...we got the note & just wanted to send more purrs and head rubs!
    The Whippy Curly Tails in the Toasty South!