Monday, February 27, 2006

Stuck In Cleaning Mode

I'm still cleaning. Okay, I'm procrastinating hoping that I will find a solution for that something that is missing in my Beneath the Surface novel. I've continued to write, mostly notes and ideas for BTS and I've started adding information and some story to my NaNo 2005 novel. I'm behind in my critique group e-mail and I'm feeling guilty. Somewhere on my desk are their completed critiques dating back to the 15th of this month. Today I will attack the clutter in my office and eradicate it once and for all and in the process find those critiques and post them so the wonderful ladies of my group won't think me a cad.

Yesterday I went to Michael's Craft store to purchase a few frames and mats for a few of my favorite photographs, now I need to decide where to hang them. I have a ton of cleaning left to complete. I dusted on Saturday and it’s already back and it's not your usual dust, it actually looks like red clay! That's because it is. You see the soil in my area is made up of mostly red clay, Virginia red clay. My dog Wyatt is likely the main culprit for brining it in because he has the most fur and when he scratches or shakes his body you see it puff off of him. It's a never-ending battle that will get worse as the weather warms because my dogs have worn most of the grass in the back yard. When it rains I am the proud owner of a giant mud/clay pit.

Yesterday the family and I also took a drive through a neighborhood that had a house for sale that looks great on the virtual tour. I have found what I believe is a wonderful neighborhood and the house looks great except for the backyard. The back yard is a hill, not very dog friendly. The house however has the layout I am looking for, more space than we currently have but more space is not what I'm actually looking for. I'm looking for open floor plans not more square footage though that never hurts. I will continue to track the neighborhood and start completing the many small fixes around my house and hopefully by summer of 07 we can find the home of our dreams!

Until next time, Good Writing and Dreams.

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  1. Linda, I know what you're saying about the dog thing. I have 3. Two cockers and one sheltie. They're mainly inside dogs, but now we're talking about shedding. Lots of hair everywhere. But we love'em...what can we do? ;o)