Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Ready, Set, Get Fixin'!

Yesterday I wrote about my home and how it doesn't fit the way we live and after I posted I took a look at the list I've made to fix up the house. While most of it is small there are a few projects that will take more time and money. One room is the master bathroom there is harvest gold tile in the shower and the toilet is the same color, can you say seventies. Changing the tile and toilet will add value to the home so that is a must do project. Then there's the ceiling or lack of one in the basement. Yes, if you've followed my home projects in the past you know that we had to gut the basement after hurricane Isabel. So that goes on the list. Then we need to rescreen the back porch. Getting rid of the ugly laminate counter tops in the kitchen would be a good investment too, if we can I'd probably put Corian because it nicer than Formica and costs less than granite. The appliances are new so nothing to replace there.

Those are the major items on the list and they're the things that will add to the value of our home. Some of the smaller items are fresh paint on the entire first floor, but that won't happen until we know we are selling. I'll paint the kids bathroom replace the toilet seat, dated medicine cabinet and change the fixtures. I'd also paint the powder room on the main floor and replace the dated wooden fixtures. Finally when were ready to sell we'll remove any clutter and all things personal like family photos. Only the generic items will stay. Why? I want the house to look as large as it is. I want the potential buyer to see that there's ample storage and most importantly I want the buyer to envision their family in the home, which will hopefully bring my family the asking price or higher and in turn finance our new home.

Until next time, Good Writing!

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  1. Good luck with the updating efforts. We've still got a very 70s kitchen and 70s green carpet in our dining room and hallway. They're all connected, though, so to do one means to do it all, and to do flooring without doing the kitchen cabibets means double work eventually. And all of this adds up to many, many dollars that we don't have to spend right now! My mom recently pointed out that we go on so many trips, we could spend some of that money on a new kitchen, which is true...but then I realized I'd really far rather have the experiences of travel than a new kitchen. But then, we're not planning on moving either. I'm sure that would change my priorities some.