Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Ho, Ho, BAH Hum Bug to Technology!

Christmas is over and my kids appeared pleased with all they received from Santa and their Aunts and Uncles. My kids both received iPod Shuffles from Santa and I spent yesterday installing the software on their computers. What a pain in the ass I followed the directions and then buried in the instructions was a line install software before attaching the iPod, this after the on screen steps say attach iPod. The first install didn't work so I uninstalled and started over skipping the step of attaching the iPod. After 90 minutes of installing software on my oldest daughter's computer I moved onto install the new optical drive on my youngest daughter's computer. Last week her CD-writer and reader stopped working. The motor went and the husband and I were trying to decide whether to purchase a new computer or just replace the drive. Her computer is about four years old. I upgraded the RAM a few months ago so she could go online; she needs new video and sound cards as well as a larger hard drive. By the time you buy the replacement parts you've essentially purchased a new PC. We decided to just replace the drive. Maybe we'll get her a new PC for her birthday in February.

Replacing the drive was easy. The hardest part was finding a screwdriver small enough to use with the screws that held the case closed. It took me twenty minutes to find the screwdriver and five minutes to install the new drive. Then it was time to install the dreaded iPod software. This time the installation went smoothly and now everything should be ready to go. I thought it was with my oldest daughter's. I charged their iPods all day and then went to show my daughter how to import songs from CD's. That went smoothly and then we followed the directions for exporting them to the iPod and hit a wall. The software says it was successful, but the iPod says otherwise. It won't play the songs and all the instructions say to do is power down the device, wait five seconds and try again. Done and nothing. The next suggestion is try another USB port, done and nothing, actually tried three different ports and nothing, so I started over with the entire process and re installed the software. What a PITA!  I stopped after reinstalling the software and called it a night.

Today I will try and get it all to work. If you hear an earth-shattering scream, it's me railing at the techno gods.


  1. I can't believe how trying the ipods are. It seems like everyone is having issues with them.

  2. I'm impressed. . .you're much more computer savy then I am! I do well to fix the errors on my hard drive, but replacing it. . .wow!