Friday, December 23, 2005

Two Days Before Christmas

The other day me and my entire family were in Best Buy and my husband and I asked the kids other than iPods what did they want for Christmas? All we've heard since the summer is they want iPods and that's fine with us but here it is two days before Christmas and we have no idea what else they might want.

As a rule we don't go overboard at Christmas, Santa leaves one gift for each of them and then my husband and I usually get them two or three small things and an outfit. I've never encountered this problem before. I know of a board game they want and that's it.

My oldest is almost a teen and I'm at a loss other than the iPod. My youngest though only eight wants an iPod too, not a problem, she's also a reader and her tastes in reading material mimics mine and she devours up to three books a week depending on length. She has a shelf of books waiting to be read, but like me buying a new book is a rush and receiving one or more as a gift is heaven. So I could add to her book collection especially since she's discovered a series by Cornelia Funke, right now she’s reading Dragon Rider, she started it yesterday and she’s all ready finished about a quarter of the book.

So this morning the DH and I told the kids if they didn’t give us a list of three or four things they wanted for Christmas Santa wouldn’t be stopping here tomorrow night. I know, how mean but it sure got their attention. When I looked at the list I was right about what the youngest DD wanted but so far off as to what the almost teen wanted. Then the youngest says to me, she knows that Santa is a feeling, that he’s not real! I knew this day would come I just didn’t think it would be my eight year-old saying it. I didn’t confirm or deny what she said, but I was a little sad. Santa Claus is the only thing I ever wanted them to believe in. The Easter Bunny didn’t visit our house and neither does the Tooth Fairy, but Santa was a tangible way for me to teach my kids about the spirit of giving. Somewhere inside I think my youngest DD still believes because she watches the shows with wonder and excitement in her eyes.

She also said this morning that her favorite Christmas show is The Little Drummer Boy. She likes that his gift is playing for Baby Jesus and then she said that’s what Christmas is about, Baby Jesus and giving of myself to others. Boy if we adults paid closer attention to our children and followed their lead a little more often we might be better off.

Well Merry Christmas! And Good Writing to All!

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  1. I hated it when my oldest told me he knew about Santa; I saw him as a young adult,a certain innocence gone, and me getting older.
    Sounds like your little girl is very intelligent! I'm glad that she realizes the true meaning of Christmas.
    Have a very merry Christmas!