Wednesday, February 1, 2006

First Home Visit & Star Update

Today is a big day for my Greyhound Dexter, he's tagging along on his first home visit. It's also a big day for our foster Star because she'll be going too. The home visits are conducted by VAGA to get a better sense of the people and their home life before they are approved to adopt. It's also a chance for the VAGA volunteers to explain everything Greyhound and answer any questions the potential adopter has.

When my family and I went through the process last summer, I found it extremely informative. It was also one of the most thorough home visits we'd been through with a rescue. We'd failed with a rescue golden earlier and I never wanted to go through that again. VAGA goes out of their way to make the best possible matches and like I've said before they brought us the universe in Dexter.

Update on Star

Star or Hollywood as I've dubbed her is settling in well, almost too well. Yesterday she demonstrated just how well she's adjusting to our home by challenging and winning the top dog spot from Dexter. All three of my dogs now step aside to allow her to move through doors first after me. They bow their heads to show their submission. Josie goes a step further and rolls to the ground. Star is a leader or Alpha. Not a terrible thing, but in my house it's not the greatest of situations since Josie and Dexter are my Alpha and Omega. Since Star has not been here long all of the shifts in pack order can and will change the longer she's with us.

Clean Shave

That's what Wyatt is in need of. Not because he's matted but because his butt is dirty. Now I completely understand the thinking and doing behind a sanitary shave for extra furry dogs. Wyatt is overdue for a complete grooming but I was hoping to hold out a little longer but it's not going to happen. Wish me luck as I try to single handedly wash my furry monster.

Until next time, Woof, Woof and Roo, Roo!

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