Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Getting Organized

Did you know that January is Get Organized Month? Well, that's what I read in the lifestyle section of my local paper yesterday. The entire front page of the section was covered with ways to get organized in your home, office and life and the over all point of the article repeated that organization spurs success in all facets of life. I happen to agree with that statement. Last week I started by cleaning my bedroom. It had been a total wreck since the summer when I began redecorating and painting my youngest daughter's bedroom. Once I had my room clean I felt lighter, like I accomplished something more than a clean room, I lifted or set free my creative spirit because now when I walk up the stairs to my office I'm able to look to my right and not cringe at the unsightly mess.

Over the past weekend I tackled the piles of paper, magazines and mail in my kitchen. The unattractive piles are now a small pile of magazines I still need to read and a few National Geographic that need to find a home because my youngest daughter likes to read and reread them. There is a downside to letting stuff pile up the way I had was I found a receipt for some electronics we bought and realized I missed out on the chance to receive a $100 rebate! I forgot I put the receipt on the pile and lost out. The upside I am able to send in the rebate for $50, that's better than getting nothing.

Today I will tackle my office and the overflowing piles of crap on my desk. Most of what is on my desk is not office related and either needs to find a home or leave my house permanently. If the things in my office aren't related to writing, photography or my dogs then it needs to find another home because my office is slightly larger than the average walk-in closet. I always feel like working after I clean my office, my problem is keeping it clean and clutter free. You'd think because I can't stand clutter I wouldn't let it get that way, but it does. This year I aspire to keep my clutter at bay.

I guess I'd better get working on my office so that I can get to my real work. Happy Organizing and New Year!


  1. When I cleaned my desk a couple of days ago, I found a winning lottery ticket from October that I had put there to cash in and forgot about. It won another free ticket but a couple of weeks ago the jackpot was $30 million and I would have liked a chance at that.

  2. The organizing bug bit me yesterday too. I have most of my stuff in order. . .now into the boy's room. Hmm. After surveying the damage, I'll leave my dental records so you can identify my remains; I'll probbly get lost in the mess! (LOL)