Monday, January 23, 2006

A Little of Everything

Today is a teacher workday so there is no school for students countywide. My question is if today is a workday for them what do they do all those other days when the kids are in school? I think they'd do better to call it a planning day or something similar since they use this day to plan their next quarter and finalize student’s grades. After all aren’t they working when they’re teaching our children?

The upside to this being an off day is my youngest is sick and she won't have to miss a day. She'll most likely be able to keep her perfect attendance intact. While she says she still feels a little icky, she says she feels much better since as she put it barfed early this morning. She's also mentioned on Saturday that she had an earache. She still had it yesterday and still says it hurts today but not too bad. I'm hoping it'll pass because I don't want her to have to take antibiotics unless absolutely necessary. If she's still bothered tomorrow then I'll have her get it looked at.

Good news came Friday afternoon from the hubster he received a promotion! I'm excited for him because it's a whole new direction with the company. He has some new things to learn but the big wigs are confident that he'll rise to the challenge just as he has every other time. By the time early spring rolls around he should be working in his new position full-time. In the mean time he'll be learning what he needs to make the transition from dispatching to accounting. I'm happy that they continue to realize what I've known all along, he works hard, efficiently, is always on time and the customers like and ask for him.

Yesterday, I knocked some niggling items off my to do list! First I finally finished putting away the Christmas decorations and I finally moved youngest daughter's computer to her room. This is the same room that I started redecorating last summer. Well, her room is finally finished! Now all I have to do is take the after photos and post them. Here room was more difficult to do I was lazy and my daughter was patient, but the color she chose was hard for me to paint and be around, to me her room looks like a tangerine exploded all over the walls. It's a cool color just not something I would want, but then I don't have to sleep there she does and overall I think she's pleased and with a little guidance from me she did a wonderful job choosing things for her room.

Now, I’m off to work on my novel. Good writing to all!

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