Monday, January 23, 2006

Meet & Greet

On January 15, ten Greyhounds arrived from Florida. Many coming from tracks that closed and would have died had Virginia Greyhound (VAGA) not brought them back. Most that came back already had homes waiting their arrival, but a few will remain in foster homes until they are matched. This past Saturday (1/21) was a huge day for VAGA, it was no ordinary meet and greet at the local Petco it was like a huge family reunion! Twenty-four Greyhounds and their owners turned out to help make the local public aware of the Racing Greyhound's plight. Usually when you visit a Petco or Petsmart and they're hosting an adoption event you hear dogs barking, but not at a Greyhound event and Saturday the two-legged humans were nosier than the hounds. Actually I didn't hear one bark from any of the Greyhounds, not even the two fosters who were attending their first meet and greet.

Thankfully my entire family went to this event and that left me free to talk with the owners, potential owners and photograph all the beautiful faces of the greys. Check out the Virginia Meet & Greet Album to the left. It was a wonderful afternoon and hopefully some of the people that stopped and asked questions will fill out applications, which would make the day an even bigger success.

The last few Monday's I've been sharing my training experiences and I will continue, but it'll be tomorrow and I will share with you how I taught my pups to sit to greet. Until then Woof, Woof and a Roo!

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