Monday, January 30, 2006

New Foster!

Last week and over the weekend were *Pawsitively* chaotic. Sorry couldn't resist. Currently I pulling together a couple of posters for Virginia Greyhound and as easy as it should be, I'm having a hard time deciding on what photos to use. I'm also helping VAGA gather photos to use on wine labels. There's a California vineyard that allows organizations like VAGA to make their own labels. Today I need to call the vineyard to get the complete details of how they want us to get them the photos. Then to top our busy week off my family and I accepted a beautiful female brindle Greyhound into our home (photos coming).

Star is our new foster Greyhound. She's a beautiful girl! She arrived yesterday morning at 9:30 am scared. I know she had to be wondering what is going on? But her shivering didn't last long. She quickly warmed up to my husband and I. The poor girl was in for quite a bit of excitement because we had to introduce her to our canine crew.

We decided to start with Josie, when we first decided to adopt a GH we thought she was going to be our problem dog, turns out she's our most well adjusted. She loves meeting new dogs and people and yesterday was no different. I leashed her up and took her to meet Star and she didn't disappoint she calmly approached Star and they sniffed each other from butt to head and then proceeded to go about their business. My husband and I took them for a short walk together and except for stopping to sniff each other and their surroundings we had no problems. We entered the backyard and all was well, more sniffing and a little play.

I put Josie inside and then leashed Quiet Wyatt and proceeded outside. If the neighbors were still sleeping they weren't after Wyatt caught sight of Star. He barked his fool head off, but to my amazement it didn't last long. He settled quickly. The only part of meeting Star that Wyatt was unsure of were her attempts to smell his butt. He guards his hind end because Josie tends to take his legs out from under him when they play. Except for that and the barking everything went smoothly. Dexter was the last to meet Star and I did that on purpose. I wanted the initial meetings to end on a calm note. But Dexter never ceases to amaze us. He came out ready to play. He was a tad more excited than we anticipated. He was still our good boy just a little more of a hyped version. We decided to take the two of them on a full blown walk and the entire time Dexter made sure that Star knew my husband was his even though he was holding Star's leash. When we got back to our home Dexter was ready to play, though Star was still a little weary. After some time alone in the backyard with Dexter we let Josie back out and a little while after that Wyatt. All went well, they sniffed ran, played all the things well-adjusted dogs should do. Our last hurdle was to enter the house and again it all went off without a hitch.

Star is our third foster and by far the easiest to introduce. Here it is barely 24 hours later and we've already experienced the circle tail wags and as she walks around our home and yard she's relaxed and carrying he tail loosely with a slight curl.

Come back later, I'll have photos and I'll add the next phase of training. Until then Woof, Woof and Roo, Roo!

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