Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What Is Success?

What constitutes success in your mind? Is it making money, reaching the top of your profession, publishing a novel or simply living a comfortable life pursuing your dreams. For me it's a combination of many things. I don't equate money with success like so many others, but money is nice don't get me wrong. Instead I find my successes in the dreams I accomplish or the ones I'm working to make come true.

I look at each day I move forward on my novel as a success because it means I am that much closer to finishing the draft. Every time I download my photos to my PC and I sort through them to see if I have anything. If I have just one photograph that makes me say yes! Then I had a successful day out with my camera. Each morning I wake excited to pick up my camera or pen is a success. Each day I become more like the *Me* I'm supposed to be is a successful day. If today were my last day on this earth, I would be happy with the way I lived and success wouldn't be how much money is in my bank account, it would be in me, my family and the way I lived my life.

I dream like most writers of publishing my novels and though I've not published one yet, I continue to write everyday to improve and finish another story. I feel the pangs of the green-eyed monster whenever a fellow writer shouts their success to the world and that's a human reaction, however I am genuinely happy for that writer because ultimately I understand the struggles a writer goes through to finish their books and their success spurs me to work harder toward my dream.

Each day I move forward I am a success because I did what many others have not, I tried. Good writing!

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