Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Play a Round for the Hounds!

We've gone from the 70's to the deep freeze. While Wyatt and Josie love it outdoors regardless of temperature, Dexter and our foster Star prefer to do their business and get back in the house. Our foster Star has been with us for three weeks now and boy are we seeing her beautiful personality. She loves to play; her favorite toys are the kinds that squeak. Star will trot around the house with different squeaky toys tossing them in the air and squeaking them until she gets tired or the squeaker breaks. Thankfully she usually tires first.

Star is a charmer and doing her best to charm her way into our home and while we'd love to add her to our pack, I'm not ready for a permanent fourth dog and then there's the problem of having two alpha females. In the end I do think Josie will submit to Star, but I'm not in the position to ride out the waiting period with all the other things going on in our family. But Star will have the best foster home with all the love she can handle and I will do my best to find the right home for her.

Star and Dexter sharing a bed while munching on compressed rawhide.

In the near future you just might see my Dexter's face and Star's on posters for Virginia Greyhound Adoption. Of course if you aren't in the Virginia area you probably won't see them. I had a blast helping with the design and of course doing the photography. I love photographing dogs especially their faces and capturing the emotion in their eyes.

VAGA is also gearing up for its first Round for the Hounds Golf Tournament. The tournament is June 10th in the Fredericksburg, VA area. If you'll be in the area and love to play golf VAGA invites you to visit the web site and pre-register or maybe sponsor a hole. For more information visit Virginia Greyhound Adoption.

Star still munching! If you live in the VA, MD, DC area and would like to know more about  Adopting a Retired Racing Greyhound visit Virginia Greyhound Adoption Star is one of our current fosters available for adoption.

Until next time, Woof, Woof and Roo, Roo!

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