Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Throw Me A 10K Bone, Will Ya!

What coffee do you drink? I drink Maxwell House and have for the better part of my almost 16 year old marriage and you'd think with that kind of loyalty to their brand the least they could is put a winning code on at least one of the cans I buy! What you don't know what I'm talking about? Do you not read your MH coffee label? They're running a give away, a $10K a month give away to help you fix up your Maxwell House (Ha! Ha!). Well, I've yet to win and I've actually followed their directions to play without purchase too! I wonder how many people actually take the time to do that?

I figure my chances are better than some since I live in a strangely named area. You know you've noticed that all those sweepstake winners come from the oddly named cities, towns and counties. Well, I think Spotsylvania coupled with my name should more than move the odds in my favor. So how about it Maxwell House, through me a 10K bone so I can fix my house!

Sunday my youngest DD participated in her first Inline speed skating meet and placed fourth. Yes, she was dead last but considering she's only been doing this a month and she didn't even know she was going to skate, I think it's a big accomplishment. Yesterday she received her first pair of actual speed skates and I have no doubt they won't be the last. She's determined to win and it will happen that I have no doubt, especially since she's willing to give up sleeping in late on the weekends to practice.

Until next time, Good Writing!

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