Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Championship Won in Shoot Out

Last night was the last game of the winter Inline Hockey for my 12 year-old daughter. It was the championship game and my daughter's team not only finished the season in first place; they won the championship game in a shoot out. The greatest part of the game came in the shoot out my daughter scored the winning goal! To call her excited was an understatement! She was over the moon she could hardly describe the whole thing. What a wonderful way for her to end the season, and start the next one in two weeks.

Last weekend the kids and the husband spent a night and day in VA Beach at the last Speed Skating meet of the season and my youngest did well. She finished eighth out of eight; she missed her second race because she was gabbing with another girl and the third and final race she finished fifth. Now she has the rest of spring and the entire summer to work on her technique and speed for next season. Over all not bad for joining the team at the end of the season and only having a couple of months practice under her belt.

Until next time good writing.

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  1. Sounds like they both did great! And I looked at the pictures you took yesterday--very nice. A good day for all of the Dupie girls it seems.