Wednesday, April 5, 2006

Spring Rain

Monday we had our first spring thunderstorm of the season. I love watching and listening to thunderstorms, I always feel comfort in them. I know that sounds strange since many people don't like them. I find them inspirational, though my dogs and kids find them less inspirational and comforting. But on Monday there was something different about this storm. I saw the soft gray clouds roll in first so I went out to round up my dogs Wyatt and Josie so that I could get Dexter my other dog outside to do his business. By the time I got Dexter out the clouds had darkened to a shade of gray just below black on a color chart. As Dexter was making his rounds around the yard, I turned to face west and saw the trees at the end of our block waving wildly and the trees closet to my yard were still. I literally watched the wind roll in. It was like watching a simple row of dominos fall in succession. The wind rolled over me and through the trees in the neighboring yard and following close behind was the rolling thunder only I felt it all around me.

This storm would bring the first good soaking rain in over a month and it felt as if my yard was reaching out to the sky trying to pull the rain from the clouds before it's time. It wasn’t long before the rain poured from the sky and Dexter leaped the stairs onto the porch as the first drops fell. Once the first drop hit the skies opened, the rain fell, thunder rolled and the lighting cracked across the sky. As more and more rain fell you could hear the collective sigh from the dry earth that is my backyard. My poor yard is pitiful and barren thanks in part to my three dogs and the lack of rain. But the yard was more than thirsty and when the rain finally stopped there was barely a puddle to show for it even though it rained nearly a half-inch in an hour. But as the rain slowed to a trickle the sun peeked out and we were treated to the first rainbows of spring. Yes I meant plural, a double rainbow. I don't care how old you get the sight of a rainbow always leaves me in awe and full of inspiration.

Until next time Good writing!

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  1. I love double rainbows! They're so cool! We're also a family of storm lovers...especially in the summer. Give us a good thunder and lightning show, and we'll all be out on the back porch watching it. Better than a movie. :)