Thursday, June 29, 2006

Wet, Wet, Wet & Nearing The End

The rain has finally ended; well it ended late Tuesday night. We survived the thunderstorms and torrential downpours with only one flicker of the power and no flooded basement. Or so I thought until my youngest daughter came up from the basement and announced that the rug was wet. While we didn't lose our power, our two sump pumps couldn't handle the amount of rain we had and the basement ended up with a half inch to inch of water. The upside is most had receded back to the sump pumps and only half the basement got wet. The girls and I spent a few hours removing all the wet items and using the small wet dry Hoover Vac to suck up the remaining water. The upside is the damage was minimal, no damage to furniture or the electronics. The rug will dry out and if the floor tiles come loose those can be replaced. Mostly this was a pain in the butt. As I type this the sumps are working non-stop keeping the ground water away from my basement. If we're spared the afternoon thunderstorms expected over the next week we'll be fine.

Yesterday's problems with the basement put a serious crimp into my writing. I was furiously typing all the handwritten pages of my novel to get my scene ready for my critique group and that came to a grinding halt when the daughter announced the wet basement. Luckily I was mostly finished. Today I have about six pages left to transcribe. Once that is finished I'll cut and paste my unedited scene into an e-mail and send it out to my group. If my estimation is correct I hit the 75K mark this week and the end is in sight. I've actually outlined it loosely and it appears to work! After almost a year of writing this novel I am close to finishing and looking through the typed pages awaiting editing I am actually pleased with what I'm reading. I see growth in my story telling ability. Once I write the end there won't be a break for me as I have another host of characters banging loudly on my brain matter to get out. The research is still ongoing and plentiful. The main six characters and few of the subordinate cast are clearly set in my mind so much so that I want to get started, but for me it's one story at a time.

Until next time, good writing!

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  1. Glad you are drying out! We flooded a couple of years back (at least two inches throughout the house) and it was such a pain. Kind of nice to start fresh, but I'm glad for you it's just your basement and you don't have to go through what we did.
    Happy writing as you finish your book! :)