Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Check Out My Hottie Potty!

Well, it's finally finished! My new improved powder room is now a "Hottie Potty". Yes, I said hottie in relation to a bathroom. I guess that gives you a peek into my head and what excites me <g> I love room makeovers and while this was the smallest room in the house I do believe that it has the most impact and is closest to my overall style that falls between contemporary and eclectic. Unfortunately I was in a extremely tight hallway and not happy with any of the photos and could have definitely used a wider angle lens. Anyway, here are the before and after photos.

This is the before. The top half of the room is a powder blue sponged over white. The bottom is a peach color sponged over white. All of the fixtures are a dated looking wood. The wallpaper border is a cheesy sand castle theme and the tiles on the wall behind the sink are the same sand castle theme.

This is THE HOTTIE POTTY! Sorry about the glare on the left wall. As you can see I pulled everything out. Gone is the seventies wood and in with chrome fixtures. The wall color is called Posh Red (from Lowes). While the vanity and sink aren't truly contemporary, they are unique. The light fixture is totally cool but I was unable to get a good shot of it. It's chrome and the glass light shades are frosted with clear lines running through the frosted area.

This is the before shot of the cabinet above the toilet.

This is the after. No. the shelf is not tilting to one side I swear. I used a level and I promise it is level. The slant comes from my savvy picture taking and I was too lazy to go back and reshoot. In this photo you can see a small portion of the crown moulding that the DH and I installed.

And finally a close up of the sink's faucet. The one I really wanted was close to $500 and not in the budget. The cool thing is this one is very similar to the way too expensive one and cost me less than $100.

That's my Hottie Potty!

Until next time, good writing!

PS NaNo update later today.


  1. I love red walls :) Very nice Linda! Thanks for sending the link to this grand hotty potty!

  2. Linda - want to come to the interior decor party as soon as I buy my new house?

  3. Oh Lord. I have the same light fixture from your old bathroom in my present bathroom.
    I hate it too. And the bronze or whatever that is, is starting to fleck off and rust.
    I'd like a new bathroom, but first, I'd like a new kitchen.

  4. Very cool. I think I've been looking at those same light fixtures :)