Saturday, January 27, 2007

Let It Be Over Reaction

Working with Luna is going okay but slow. I believe I have pinpointed one source of her behavior toward the others and it’s pain. While I was grooming her on Wednesday and clipping her nails she turned and growled at me something she had never done in the past. Usually getting a good brushing is her favorite thing but not that day. I found a lump on her right hind leg. The lump is solid and according to the skeleton charts you would either call the area her ankle, heal or Tarsus. The swelling is pronounced and solid to the touch.

I had noticed her going lame about a month ago. My first thought was arthritis because she will be six in April and the lameness comes and goes. Over the last two weeks its become more pronounced with her hopping around on three legs and now over the last few days she’s had a constant limp though it’s only slight. She still has a decent appetite and she is still playing with Josie, though her play is not as rough and there is less running on her part.

On Monday my husband and I will take Luna to the vet to have her leg checked and x-rayed. I plan to insist on the x-ray right off because I want to rule out osteosarcoma or bone cancer. I’ve been through cancer in the past with my first Golden Retriever, Yucca and because of the location her tumor we took a more wait and see attitude and by the time we had the tumor removed on her face it made it harder to close the incision. We didn’t lose her right away in fact she lived almost two more years and succumbed to bladder cancer. With Luna I want to prove my gut feeling wrong right off. I would rather be thought of over protective or silly and be wrong then wait to see if an anti-inflammatory will reduce the swelling and then find out she does have cancer.

Because of the lameness I will have to postpone her training classes until we get her well and pain free. Please keep Luna in your thoughts and pray that I am over reacting. Luna may be a challenge in our pack but she is loved whole-heartedly by the entire family.

Until next time Woof, Woof, Woof and a Roo!

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