Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Another Wednesday and Another Snow Day

It’s Wednesday again and again my kids have a snow day. I wasn’t too surprised as the roads are nothing but ice. I wouldn’t want my kids or anyone else’s on buses. It just seems that my kids have had a day off each week since they returned from their winter break. They’ll get another day off next week, but that is a scheduled in-service day for the teachers. I do give kudos for our county superintendent for not cancelling school yesterday when other districts close to us were. When I woke yesterday nothing was happening no rain, sleet or snow and my kids were off to school on time. They were able to get a full day of instruction in. The rain and sleet started right as the elementary kids were on their way home for the day.

Snow days are not my favorite; I like my kids in school. I like having my days to myself. I use that time to write and sometimes I actually do housework. Today is a pivotal day for my revision work I have a ton to get through and my kids will no doubt be bored because there isn’t any actual snow to play with. At first glance it looks like snow but it’s accumulated sleet, about two inches. No fun for the kids. So I’ll need to do some maneuvering to keep them occupied.

Right now I just need an e-mail from my husband saying he arrived at work in one piece.

Until next time, good writing.

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