Monday, February 26, 2007

Thankful and Feeling Good

Yesterday we ended up getting four or five inches of snow, which was a surprise since the weather person kept saying that we would get a dusting to an inch. Just before the local news ended yesterday morning they revised their forecast to include my area under the four to six inch band of snow. We were supposed to get mostly freezing rain and sleet. Thankfully we received mostly snow and then late in the afternoon some rain. As 5:30 this morning school was on time. Then I saw on the ticker that my kids will go in two hours late, no big deal except that the TV ticker says one thing and the online newspaper says we’re closed! So which one is it?  I guess I’ll wait and see, but my gut says two hours late because the school’s parking lot is clear. The temperatures didn’t get below freezing so I don’t see any reason to close because most of the roads are clear. The newspaper fixed the problem; the schools will open two hours late. Thank heaven that means I will go to work!

Lately I’ve not felt well. I’ve had a cold and cough. It’s hung on despite medication and rest so I decided that I needed an attitude change. Instead of dwelling on felling sick I decided to change my thoughts to I am healthy and envision myself free of the cough and cold and to my surprise it’s working! I woke this morning and the cough has lessened and the sinus pressure I had last night is gone! As I made my way to take my shower at 4:45 am I said Thank You. Yup I said Thank You to no one in particular. Then I decided to list the things I am thankful for…

As I stepped into the shower I said I am thankful for the warm shower…

•    The clothes I will wear
•    The roof over my head
•    Waking this morning healthier than I was yesterday
•    My husband and children
•    My dogs
•    And my friends both online and off.

My list continued until I finished with my shower. I was amazed at how I felt after I made my list. I felt and still feel great. Today is going to be a good day because that’s the way I believe it will go.

Today I will continue cleaning my home. I will start with my office; well finish what I started a few weeks ago. Then I will move to my room and fold, put away all the clean clothes and dust before I start working on my novel and read the submissions from my critique group. Since school is delayed I am going to take advantage of the time and finish cleaning it now.

Until next time, good writing!

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