Thursday, May 10, 2007

Instant Screen Door

Last weekend the DH (dear husband) and I were at Lowes checking out supplies to re-screen our back porch when we found the next best thing to a dog door. It’s called Bug Off Instant Screen Door. No tools needed to install, pop it out of the packaging, slide the tension rod through the pocket at the top and pop it into the door jam. Voila, you now have a screen door that closes behind your dog(s) without having to cut a hole in your door or wall for a giant dog door. It also leaves me peace of mind that when I lock the door behind me no one is going to crawl through my dog door.

The trick is teaching three dogs that the sound of Velcro separating is not a bomb exploding in the doorway. The screen uses Velcro to hold the sides of the screen to the door jam and if the dog happens to run out the screen and not hit the split the Velcro separates from the jam and that keeps the tension rod from falling, but the sound scares the crap out of the dogs. The first dog in my home to start enjoying the freedom of the open backdoor was Josie, she also hit the fan in the porch the first time she heard that shredding sound of separating Velcro. She also took one look back, saw she didn’t cause any permanent damage and kept running toward her original intent, the birds!

Wyatt was the second to go through the screen. He stood by and watched Josie go in and out at least ten times before he finally grabbed his red Kong ball and trotted on through the center slit. Next was Dexter, oi he was and still is leery of the screen. We still have to use yummy, smelly treats to get him to poke his head through the center of the screen. Once he’s out he’s fine and he’ll actually wait Dexterwatchjoscreen
until Josie goes in and follow her because she goes through with a flourish.

As most things with training, Dexter will get the hang of the screen right as we’re ready to turn the AC on.

Until next time Woof, Woof and a Roo!

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  1. Life if much easier when you don't have to constantly get up to let the dogs in or out. Our doggie door is built into our storm door. Almost as important as the Tivo.