Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cleaning the Pigsty

Today I’ve spent the bulk of it in my bedroom, cleaning not sleeping. I actually started this cleaning/decluttering project a year ago. I stopped in the middle because I was doing too much at once. There should be a rule that moms or heads of households should never declutter more than one room at a time. While decluttering and cleaning one room do not remove it to another room. Take clutter removed directly to Goodwill or desired charity and THEN move onto the next room!

If you haven’t guessed rooms were cleaned and decluttered and then the newly decluttered rooms cluttered my bedroom. I would normally take a before photo but I was too embarrassed, the room was impossible to walk in. Half of my very large bedroom was wall to wall give away stuff from the kids. My bedroom would make a good clean sweep room. I started working in my room at 10 am and came out at 3 pm. I was able to go through all the give away stuff from the kids and separate anything that was trash and some things that I could sell. Then I tackled the three years worth of statements and bills that needed shredding. I still have a small box of shredding to finish and then dump into our trash. I need to box up the clothes for give away and move them to the garage. By Wednesday I hope to have the bedroom finished as well as my office which I started back in February. The hubby will be home Wednesday so hopefully we’ll be able to take all the give away stuff to the local charities and then take all the trash to the dump.

I all ready feel lighter and I’m sure I’ll breathe easier once I get the whole room vacuumed and dusted. Now I just need to get the hubby to finish washing the bathroom, for some reason he thinks he’s finished when the toilet, shower stall and sink are scrubbed. We’ll I’d better get off the computer and go finish the shredding and move the give away stuff.

Until next time Good Writing or cleaning as it is today!


  1. The one thing about living in renovations is that we don't accumulate clutter. I never really realized it until we moved the kitchen to the garage and then Paul said, "only bring in the necessities". And, as it turned out, everything was a necessity. Constantly packing up and moving rooms means I go through stuff regularly and get rid of junk. The other option is carrying it in a box somewhere else and I'm just too lazy for that.

  2. I was off work all last week. Figured I would clean my office. Papers stacked a foot high. Only the cat goes in there. Somehow never got around to it. I should at least go shred something today make myself feel better :)

  3. Surprisingly, when I look around I have far less clutter than in years past. When I had to clean my father's house out after he died I decided I was through being a pack rat. But obviously I'm still working on that but I am far better off than in years past.

  4. I love to shred stuff! Except when I get behind. I spent two day shredding almost two years work of old bills and bank statements. Now I need a new file system.

  5. Nah,just the usual junk, along with my usual musings of why did I keep this?