Sunday, July 29, 2007

Who Has My Heart

Dexter is a Daddy’s dog though he follows me and listens but as soon as his daddy gets home all his attention goes to the man. All three dogs are mine but each one has a different connection with me and Dexter’s connection is mostly you feed me, walk and teach me the rules but daddy gets my helicopter tail wags. Josie is everyone’s dog depending on who has the stinkiest, yummiest treat in their pockets and Wyatt loves anyone who will play ball with him except when I come around. He’ll grab his ball and bypass who ever he was playing with to check in with me. I can call him from inside the house and he’ll come. Dexter and Josie will come to me when I call them but not with the instant drop that Wyatt does. Wyatt will stay close when I’m not feeling well, he never left my side when I was sick earlier this year except when he was crated at night and even then there were a few times that I woke breathless to him and high pitched barking and I thank him for those barks. He’s been the guardian of my breath and seems to know even before me when I am going to have an attack.

I love all my dogs and they all have my heart but Wyatt is my heart. Right now he is asleep beside me as I type this. He’ll look up if I stop typing for a long period of time. He follows me but he’s not intrusive he doesn’t get under my feet. If I ask him to go lay down he does. He’s my health meter too. He keeps me walking. Because he’s so high energy he requires more exercise than Josie and Dexter and that’s great for me and my weight loss goals.

I think no matter how hard we try not to have favorites we have do end up with deeper connections and/or different connections with our animals. In the end I remember that I love all my dogs.

Until next time Woof, Woof, and a Roo!


  1. Parker loves whomever has the treats. Jaime mostly likes to lay with the other greys. Stanley is still pretty new to this, but he just loves on everyone. Stella is like Dexter. She loves on mommy when daddy is on the road, but when I'm home, it's all about Daddy!

  2. It's amazing how much personality of the dogs plays a role in our relationships with them. I still love 'em :)