Sunday, July 13, 2008

Big Birthday Present Redo

Next Sunday is my oldest DD’s birthday, she’ll be 15! I don’t feel old enough to have a kid who’s 15. Back in January she asked if she could redecorate her bedroom and could she have a double bed?! So the DH and I said sure and DD and I started planning. I told DD if she wanted her room redone then it will be her birthday present because we would be spending a goodly sum. She agreed and back in March she received her new double bed, end table and mirror to start off her redecorating journey. Yesterday we finally purchased the paint. She’s decided on blue walls and chocolate and black accents. Today she helped me prime the walls and put the first coat of blue paint on the walls.

I’m not a fan of blue, if I were a mean mom, I would have said no to the blue, but because of the shade she chose I went with it because it’s actually a popular color and will do well when and if we decide to sell in three or four years.

The redecorating project is also a green redo from the paint to her mattress. We’re using Olympic paint that is rated low to no VOC and odor. Olympics primer was thin. I was disappointed with the coverage. The paint itself worked well. The coverage was decent but it still had an odor and gave me a head ache. I would definitely recommend Freshaire paint over the Olympic based on smell alone. Freshaire’s color palette is much more limited so I decided to try out the Olympic brand and so far it’s decent except for the odor.

Here’s the bedroom before photos ( actually you'll be able to see the room as it was when we moved in and the after photos of the green and yellow are what we're painting over now) and as soon as we finish the redo I will photograph and post. Now I’m off to relax and try to finish Digging to America by Anne Tyler.

Until next time good reading, writing and DIYing!

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