Monday, November 10, 2008

Too Hot, Too Cold

Every house has room that’s either too hot or too cold right? We do and it’s my teenager’s room. In the summer it’s too hot and now that winter is coming she’s already complaining it’s too cold. We use a reversible fan but what I think the problem is that her room faces the sun all day during the summer which makes it hot (plus she leaves her PC on) and then in the winter the sun doesn’t hit from the same direction which makes it colder. Anyway…yesterday the DH and I added an insulating film to the windows. It’s supposed to help keep the heat in the winter and keep it out during the summer. I guess we’ll see if it works.

We’ve lived in our home for almost seven years and I’m starting to think they forgot to insulate the walls in that room. It wouldn’t surprise me with all the things we’ve already corrected since we moved in. Yesterday we replaced the caulk around the windows and I was afraid if we continued to scrape one of the windows it would fall out. Another item to add to the already long TO DO List, the next item on the list is to reinsulate the attic. I see where we can get a tax credit if we use Owens Corning, but what if I want to use a greener product? I’ve been searching for the answer but haven’t found it yet.

I’ve added two more books to my recently read list on the right and that brings my total books read for the year to 62. I finished the Nonprofit Kit for Dummies last week. It was an easy read with good information. I also finished Mrs. Miracle this morning, Debbie Macomber. This was the Christmas pick for my book club. We wanted a feel good book or something that made us laugh. I don’t like the romance genre and this fell into the category. It was written well, but predictable. I would have preferred to read Holiday on Ice by David Sedaris, at least I would have laughed and he is anything but predictable. Well, I’ll be reading it later this month after I finish NaNo.

I am almost to the 26K mark. I’m ahead and I might be further along if I were writing longhand like I normally do, but I decided to write directly into Word. I find it much harder to type and think. When I write longhand I just write not worrying about spelling or if the grammar is correct. Last year I was almost finished with my 50K, not the story. Oh well I will continue with my experiment so that I can say I’ve tried writing with my laptop.

Until next time good writing, reading and home improvement.

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