Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I’m redesigning, revamping, scaling back or beginning again,
whatever you’d like to call it and I’m starting with the look of my blog. I
want something fun and fits with my Dreams and Reality theme. I think I found
it. Some who think they know me might think it doesn’t fit my personality and
on some level that might be true. But that’s part of my redesign.


For the past two years or so, I’ve been working on the total
package, mind, body, soul and getting back in the habit of blogging. The mind
is stronger. The body is getting smaller and stronger and my soul is full. The
blogging part not so good, just look at the post below…April something or


Today is my new beginning. My personal and professional
redesign is both my dream and reality. I want to share the highs and lows of
getting to where I currently stand and where I will stand in the future. I’ve
shaved the bulk of my categories in order to lessen the overwhelming feeling of
not writing the right thing. There are no right or wrong dreams and my reality
is just that mine. The in between…well that’s that parallel universe that I
wish for when life is off kilter. And lately like most of the world, my life is
off kilter. But that doesn’t mean life sucks on the contrary it’s getting
better despite the curves in the road. Curvy is good most of the time. Lately the
curves are giving me the most satisfaction.


Ah, I’ll write about the curves later. Baby steps here I’m
getting back in the groove of blogging. For now, I’m going to ponder my next




  1. Welcome back to blogging! I'm looking forward to reading your journey.