Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Open to Opportunity

With all this thinking about dreams and working to make them come true, I also believe you have to be open to the change that comes with your dreams coming true. If we’re not prepared for what comes with and after our dreams come true how can, we enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Over the last few months, I have applied to many part-time job listings all over town. All I want is a part-time job of 15 to 20 hours a week to help the family pay some debt off and to do some fun extra stuff. Instead of just wishing, I had a part-time job I should have been more specific. What I really want is a fun part-time job that won’t feel like a job. I want to use my passion for a hobby, so what would my fun part-time job be; well it would involve working with animals or books. Anytime I saw or heard of openings at the local pet stores or bookstore I applied. I still sent out resumes and applications for all the other jobs because I can enjoy most jobs, it’s all in my attitude and I would be truly grateful for any part-time job, but pets with their people and books are the tops for me. For me when I asked what I want to do with the rest of my life it always comes back to books and dogs, so working with animals and or books are optimum.

I would love to be a dog trainer. I have fun training my dogs and would love to share that joy with others. I want to write novels, well I do, I’m just not published. In addition, I love to read and share my love of story with other readers. Perhaps my stating exactly what I would like and being open to these job opportunities is the reason I finally got the call for an interview. I’m totally excited about the possibilities this job could bring my way. Other than the obvious financial aspect, I will get the chance to meet and talk with like-minded people.

Open yourself to all the possibilities your dreams can and will give and who knows…the sky’s the limit!

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