Friday, February 17, 2012

Dream Home, Could it Be Mine

One of my favorite channels to watch is HGTV and right now, I am waiting like millions of others to see if I am the Park City Dream Home Winner. Stop laughing. I have the same chance as anyone else that entered to win. Funny thing is I’ve never faithfully entered to win one of the HGTV Dream Homes on a daily basis. Each day since January 1, I have submitted my two entries.

The house is beautiful and has all the natural elements I love surround the home, water and a snow capped mountain view. When I look at the picture of this home and its surrounding, I feel peace. I can see myself living in the home and community. You can do anything imaginable, the arts community is thriving, and that’s something I could totally get into. In less than seven hours, I could be a winner!

Stop laughing. It could happen and why not I a fresh start could be just what the universe has in store for me.

Until next time, keep dreaming!

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