Friday, February 10, 2006

Sometimes There Are Days Like This

Some days are heaven and others are hell. That's the way it is when you own three dogs and foster. By far most are heaven-like. Yesterday was a hell day. The day started normally all four dogs woke and went out to do their dooty, came in ate and that's where normal ended.

Star our foster Greyhound let go of her breakfast shortly after eating and kept throwing up much of the day. By the afternoon she was lethargic. She was the extreme opposite of what she was the day before. On Wednesday you would not have guessed she would get sick by the way she was playing with Wyatt, Josie, Dexter and the outside toys. She was as feisty as ever, grabbing the ropes attached to either the soccer or footballs. She was play bowing and running with my dogs, so to watch her droop as Thursday marched on was tough. I tried not to get hysterical over her condition because just like people dogs have off days too, but by 3:30 pm I knew it was more than an off day and by 4:30 had her on the way to our vet.

Of course when I walked in all the techs that know us gave us that look like another dog? I immediately smiled and said, "Yes, another dog, foster dog and she's feeling terrible." If she had only thrown up once or twice, I wouldn't have worried and wouldn't have made the trip to the vet. But dehydration was a concern in her case since she was throwing up any water she was drinking. At the vets office they ruled out worms, which are common in retired racers. They also ruled out urinary infection and decided to do a blood panel. They gave her fluids and a shot to help with her upset stomach and said no food for the night.

This morning I woke to a different dog, she was more lively and ready to eat. This morning she was treated to rice and boiled chicken. That combination is always a favorite of my dogs and this morning they all wanted some, but only Star ate the special meal. So far she's kept it all down and the first round of outdoor play went off well. She and Josie were mixing it up and having a good time. Sometime today I’ll have the results of her blood work.

To top off my yesterday from dog hell, Wyatt cut his mouth on his compressed rawhide. It stopped and I couldn't find the cut in his mouth so I cleared him to go play fetch and he comes to the backdoor with a mouth full of blood! Of course by the time I was able to calm him it had stopped bleeding and I couldn't find anything unusual. So no fetch or rawhide for a few days. That will make for a long day today and weekend, but thankfully we're expecting snow tomorrow so he'll be able too run that energy off with Josie because they love to play in the snow.

Until next time Woof, Woof and Roo, Roo!

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