Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sick Day Three

It's day three with a quasi-sick child. Yesterday morning my daughter woke and said her throat hurt worse than the day before. I found a flashlight and took a look inside her mouth and the back of her throat was raw and had whitish bumps appearing. My experience told me strep throat and by yesterday afternoon my suspicion was validated. Other than her sore throat she feels fine, but she must stay home today in order to get the required doses of anti-biotic so she's no longer contagious.

The down side to her being home is my routine is disrupted. The upside she's rather independent and entertains herself with reading and watching movies. I've actually gotten most of my work accomplished.

Today is critique day with my online group. I've got the scene written; now I need to transcribe it into my Alphasmart. I write my fiction longhand and then type it up. I'm not sure why I haven't made the switch to using my Alphasmart for my novel writing the way I have for my non-fiction and blog writing but I still prefer to use the spiral five subject notebooks and using a favorite pen to write out the first draft. I do love the feel of the notebook on my lap and in my hands and I love pens. I love searching for the pen to write my next novel. I'm not a superstitious person but I do buy a new pen for each story. Once the story is completed and ready for submission I put the pen aside with a copy of the completed draft. If any of my novels ever see their way into the public’s hands I plan to use the pen I used to write the story for book signings, if I have them.

Even after I transcribe my novel I have to print the pages to edit and revise. I use a green pen instead of red to make changes and additions, because on a basic level green symbolizes go, move forward and red says stop. When you're editing and revising it's important to continue moving forward. And speaking of moving forward, I'd better start moving.

Until next time, good writing!

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