Saturday, May 27, 2006

Dexter's Mom!

The last two weeks have been full of dog stuff. My newest foster Annie arrived, my family and I took Dexter and Annie to the annual VAGA picnic and I found Dexter's Mom! She was available for adoption through GPA Senior Sanctuary in Florida. The next Greyhound I adopt I want to be a senior and I hadn't planned on doing this for a few years since my dogs are still young, but this was Dexter's mom. The only problem was I waited too long in contacting the sanctuary. Though I wasn't able to adopt Dexter's Mom Conch Surprise, the sanctuary put me in touch with her new home. Her new name is Tiger Lily and after talking with her new mom I have no doubt she is much loved. Barbara and I had a wonderful conversation. Dexter is so much like his mom and that was wonderful to hear. Barbara and I have much in common; she was surprised when I told her my age. Not only was she interested in Dexter, she wanted to know about his other doggy pals, Wyatt and Josie. By the time we ended our conversation we had exchanged addresses to stay in touch and exchange photographs. I admit I was sad that his mom wouldn't be mine, but I was also happy to know that she is now in her forever home with Barbara who is as devoted to her pets as I.

Last weeks VAGA Picnic was a huge success. If you've never been around a Greyhound you're missing out on a unique dog experience. If you've never been around 80+ Greyhounds then you really are missing out. The unique experience is the quiet. With 80+ hounds running free there wasn't a single barking dog! Now don't get me wrong they do bark but it's not a common trait. Dexter barks, but not the way Josie does. He will join in and sometimes at night when he's going out for his final potty break around 10 pm he will bark, but stops promptly when the neighborhood dogs join in. It's almost as if he's saying goodnight or just being an instigator to wake the neighborhood. I prefer to think he's saying goodnight because none of my dogs would ever cause trouble (I say tongue in cheek). Anyway I digress. The picnic was a wonderful way to spend our Sunday as a family. I've posted a photo album of the VAGA Picnic for your viewing pleasure

The rest of the week was spent observing Annie's behavior with my cat and three dogs. So far it's been great, but this is what I call the honeymoon period. All of the dogs are getting along, but this is an adjustment period and as Annie becomes more comfortable with our home and ways of doing things it's not uncommon to see changes in the foster and my dogs. One change is already starting. Josie is revealing her true pesky nature and so far Annie is doing well in dealing with it. Oddly she is the least comfortable with Dexter. Thankfully as each day progresses their relationship improves.

As I finish out the first week with Annie I am pleased with what I've observed. Entering our second week is sure to be interesting and full of surprises. Until next time Woof, Woof and Roo, Roo!

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