Monday, June 5, 2006

Annie Moves On & I Really Am Insane

The past two weeks have been hectic, chaotic, and frantic and any other adjective you can think of. Annie my foster Greyhound has moved to a new foster home that can better serve her behavioral rehabilitation. It's best all around. She never quite settled and neither did my dogs and Annie deserves a chance to regain balance in her life. She's in the best hands available now and Dexter and I hope to be involved in her resocialization and rehabilitation. Behavioral issues are something I want to learn more about with the hope that I will grow in my overall training knowledge.

We've jumped back into training full on with W, J & D. Josie's walking is slightly better but needs a ton of work. I'll have to set aside an extra thirty minutes to work with her one on one. I'll be doing the same with W and D. While Wyatt is fine on lead Dexter has his moments but still needs work. Mostly though I think it's the human's, we need to walk a quicker pace for him. I'd also like to teach Dexter to sit on command. It hasn't been easy but I must admit I've never actually set to work with him on it. He has learned our other verbal and hand signals for back up, off, down, naptime for when we need to run errands and bedtime when it's time to be crated for those errands or for the night. This summer we're setting goals for the entire family to reach with our dogs.

Goals for Wyatt are to reinforce his basic obedience and cut down or stop his barking for attention. Goals for Josie are to walk her instead of her walking us and reinforce her basic obedience. Dexter's goals are to improve his leash walking and teach him to sit on command. Reaching those goals with the dogs this summer will help all in my family establish their leadership with the dogs and strengthen the bonds we each have with them.

If friends and family hadn't already thought I was pawasitively insane they will now! Yesterday we added a new girl to our pack. Adding another dog is something we thought we'd do in the future. We thought we'd adopt a senior greyhound in a couple of years, but yesterday the universe had other plans. We adopted a five-year-old Golden Retriever named Abby. However we are changing her name to Luna. My youngest daughter wanted to name her Bob, who knows why but she kept saying she wants Bob. My oldest daughter kept throwing out names like Gabby, Brandy, and Kylie all names that make me cringe. Then my youngest yells out Moon while swinging. From moon we came up with Luna. I just couldn't bring myself to call, "Moon, come Moon." But I could envision calling her Luna, so last night she began her new life with a new name, everyone meet Luna! Luna477301

More on Luna later in the week. Until next time Woof, Woof, Woof and a Roo!


  1. Oh, she's cute! Reminds me of the golden/samoyed mix my parents had.

  2. how long do you have your fosters for? there aren't many adoption groups here... really only one or two per state. i never really have mine long enough to go into training. we do try to encourage the new owners to do some anyway. sometimes i get a start on sitting. as there aren't many cat fosters, ours get moved out fast. i have a dexter now!