Wednesday, May 3, 2006

A Step Ahead of the Nose

I think we've finally beat Josie at her kitchen trash can game! A few months ago Josie started getting into the kitchen trash and we were stumped as to why. We've never had this problem with our dogs in the past, but there's always a first for everything and Josie seems to be behind many of those firsts. Our old trashcan was one of those plastic Rubbermaid cans with a small button on the lid to open it. Josie would use her nose to lift the top off the can and then she would proceed to drag the top away and try to chew on it. But recently she began getting into the trash. She would knock the can over and drag all the doggy goodies out. We tried block the can and using something heavy to keep the top on to no avail.

But this weekend we finally broke down and spent the money on a metal step can. The lid is heavy and it steals tight when it shuts and keeps any smells that might attract Josie in. But the best part of the can is Josie doesn't like the way the lid opens. She sits a good distance away and cocks her head when anyone opens it to throw something away. So far she hasn't connected the petal at the bottom of the can to the lid opening. So for now she is in doggy awe of her humans who are able to magically open and close the trashcan. The look on her face is a kin to the look we get when we come home with groceries. She bows in our presence and the bounty we bring before her. But how long will her naiveties last with the trashcan? She's smart and I can't help but think she'll eventually figure it all out. Until that time comes we shall revel in our smarts at staying one-step ahead of her nose.

Don't forget if you live in the Washington DC area and love-playing golf Virginia Greyhound Adoption is holding its first Round for the Hounds Golf Tournament. Dexter and I would love to see you there!

Until next time Woof, Woof and a Roo!

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  1. yeah, we've had to put the bin up high. you never know what will cause the curiosity. i find Banjo is more of a trash thief than a trash muncher.