Monday, May 15, 2006

Test of Patience

Yesterday I wrote of the patience my dogs have taught me. And on that same day Josie put my patience to the test. My sister can attest that while I did okay, I could have done better. Josie is my chewer and shredder and I know better than to leave anything and I mean anything of value within her reach and I left my newly purchased books in their bag on the breakfast bar. I stepped outside and Josie took the opportunity to shred the hardback cover of my newest book. While my reaction wasn't the greatest it wasn't the worst either. My sister I'm sure didn't appreciate my shriek in her ear but instead of yelling at Josie I removed the book from her possession and preceded to talk to my sister while I picked up the shredded book jacket and small pieces of the spine. The book isn't pretty anymore but it still serves its purpose. Part of what needs to happen is training. I need to continue to work with Josie so she leaves items that are not hers alone. I also have to remember not to leave items like paper or books in tempting locations because it's my job to set her up to succeed and not fail.

In the end I still have a book to read and I learned I need to continue working on my patience and training with Josie. Some days will be better than others and thankfully she has many more days that are wonderful than not.

Until next time, Woof, Woof and a Roo!

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