Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Accidents Happen

Sometimes accidents happen and for a short time children fall out of love with their beloved pet and that's what happened last night. My husband leashed the dogs and the kids put their shoes on to help him take the dogs for a short walk around the neighborhood. My youngest daughter wanted to walk Wyatt, which she has done hundreds of times with no problems, but that changed last night when a cat streaked past Wyatt and he took off taking my daughter with him.

I don't blame Wyatt or my daughter for what happened. Wyatt was doing what dogs do and my daughter was being a kid and not quite as alert as she should have been. Wyatt dragged her along the street and she ended up with a doozie of a raspberry on her right shoulder and side. She cried but to her credit Wyatt did not get loose though I probably wouldn't have held onto the leash. Everyone filed back into the house and the husband and I patched our daughter up and then they set back out to take their walk. But this time my husband took Wyatt. Accidents happen and while my daughter was not happy with Wyatt last night and declared she no longer loved him all is back to normal this morning. Wyatt greeted her with licks and a wagging tail and sat to receive his hug, kisses and pets from the same kid who said just the night before she didn't love him anymore.

This accident is a reminder that no matter how well a dog walks on leash for you one day he might not be as well mannered the next and it's important to always be alert to what surrounds us.

Until next time Woof, Woof, Woof and a Roo!

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  1. aw... that's no fun. my tamale just freaks and heli-spins when she see a ring-tailed possum (australian, not the north american opossum).
    glad all wrongs were righted and raspberries licked.