Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Are You A NaNo'er?

Novelists all over the world are gearing up for NaNoWriMo. While NaNo (National Novel Writing Month) doesn’t begin until November 1 writers/novelists are already gathering on the NaNo boards. I’m not a big participant on the boards but I do love the challenge of writing a 50 K novel in thirty (30) days. 2003 was my first year participating and this year is going to be my fourth. While I’ve done more planning for each NaNo novel, I tend to write by the tip of my pen, letting the characters find their journey. This year I do have well developed characters and locations researched as well as a loose plotline that’s about all I have.

I am actually using the characters from my 2005 NaNo novel for this years challenge. Last years WIP was a dud as far as story and plot but it did give way to two strong protagonists and two antagonists, one major and one supporting. Last years challenge hopefully got all the blah writing for these characters out and I’ll be able to use the strength of their characters to build a strong story and plot.

But before I can move onto NaNo I need to wrap my current WIP Beneath the Surface. My challenge with this WIP is tying loose ends so that nothing comes as a surprise to the reader. I’m close to finishing and when I’m able to move on to my NaNo WIP I’ll let BTS simmer for the thirty days and then begin rewriting and editing it in December.

So, are you NaNoing in November?

Until next time Good Writing!


  1. I *am* Nanoing in November! :) This would be my fourth year too, except last year I signed up and then wrote NOTHING. So, it doesn't count. Thus, this is my third time. I won in 2004, though I never fully finished the story. I am still thinking about what this year's story will be about...I'm not much of an advance planner with fiction. We'll see how it goes. :}

  2. I did Nano for a couple of years, but decided not to this year. Instead a friend and I are going to use the momentum from an upcoming writer's conference to do a 2 week blitz.
    I'll check in on your Nano progress.