Friday, October 27, 2006

A Day Off and Bathroom Project Started

Today was an off day for my kids and a day off for me from my job as a before and after school caregiver, I hadn’t paid attention to the weather and it’s been raining all day! Can you say boredom and under exercised dogs?

I spent this morning talking with my oldest trying to get a small inkling of what’s going on in her life. She told me school is good, she likes her friends and hates having to take care of the dog’s everyday after school. I knew the last one was coming, I would expect no less from a teenager.

I also began dismantling the powder room for its makeover. Some people should not do any kind of handyman jobs! I’m not talking about me either. The previous owners of our house either didn’t know what they were doing or hired an incompetent hack or maybe both! The tile backsplash was placed on the wall with some kind glue and not mastic. The pipe connecting the sink to the drain was held together with a rubber sleeve and the tubing for the faucet was tightened to the point that one of them is stripped! What do people not understand about hand tightening! Who ever did this also used the vanity to cover water damage that I now have to fix. My husband and I will have to replace the drywall an extra step I wasn’t planning on having to do. But then I did expect something like this only because that’s been the way all of our projects have gone. We have to fix what others did incorrectly. Honestly I don’t understand why people cut corners, if you can’t do it right then don’t do it! Hire someone who does know what they’re doing and be sure to check references. Anyway, I will post the before and after photos on Monday or Tuesday. I figure I need to add an extra day onto the project and I’ll have it finished Monday as long as the pipes…I’m not going to say it.

Until next time Good Writing!

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  1. Be careful with those redecorating projects...all I wanted was to take down the wall paper in the kitchen. 16 years later, the wall paper is still there and now there's nothing but joists on the second floor.