Monday, November 27, 2006

NaNo 50K and More

On November 16th I reached the 50K milestone of NaNoWriMo! I breathed a sigh and shouted out to my favorite writing lists and then kept on writing though not at the 3K a day pace. There’s still time to add to my almost 61K word count but I will most likely verify my count on the NaNo site tonight or tomorrow to get my official finish count and I won NaNo icon to place on my website. I still have the ending to write and it’s flowing so I’m not worried about finishing the story. Now it’s time to get back to my other novel Beneath the Surface. I can safely start revising the entire MSS without Alex Steele trying to suck my brain dry, her story is safely tucked in my NaNo 06 file. 

BTS is going to take a ton of revision because the ending I wrote changes much of the story that takes place in the middle. In the end I will end with a revised draft of the story I wanted to write in the first place. I’m a huge believer that our first drafts are the way to get all the crap out of our systems. To me no words are wasted words if I get the story I want in the end and my first drafts can go every which way and sometimes it works to get to the end and then I revise my way to that ending. Sometimes it leaves me pissed at myself for not planning better. Either way I always finish what I start because I’m anal that way and if the words never see the light of day at least I know I can finish a long fiction project and I always learn and hopefully improve with each manuscript.

Enough about writing, how did you spend the Thanksgiving weekend? With friends and family? My family stayed home and we had our own version of Thanksgiving with Taco salad instead of turkey with all the trimmings. The husband took the kids to see The Santa Clause 3 after we ate and I spent the afternoon watching TV with my dogs. Friday the husband and I cleaned out the garage for the fourth time this year and he made two trips to the dump! Actually I think it’s awful that we’ve had to clean the garage that many times. But it’s our dumping ground for the items that are leaving our home permanently. We also went out for a little shopping with our kids on Friday but didn’t do any Christmas shopping. We saved the Christmas shopping for Saturday while everyone else was sleeping. The rest of our weekend was spent finishing several small projects around the house. It feels wonderful to have those projects completed; now I just need to tackle my bedroom and office.

Until next time good writing!

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