Wednesday, November 29, 2006

NaNo The Final Chapter

Last night I officially ended National Novel Writer’s Month (NaNo)! I typed the end on my manuscript at 7:56 pm. I ended the challenge with almost 81K and a complete novel from beginning to end. I sort of surprised myself at how this story flowed from my head to my pen and then onto the pages bound in my spiral notebook. But then the character Alex Steele and her story had bounced around my head for almost a year. Now the two questions that come to my mind are when will I start editing/revising and will I do NaNo again next year. To answer my first question, I will start revision on January 2, 2007 and to the second question most likely.

Now that I’m finished with NaNo I can focus on my critique group and my novel Beneath the Surface. I need to have it finished beginning to end and ready for a potential agent to read by March 2007. I’m excited and scared shitless at the same time. Said agent has read my work in the past and liked it but the partial that she read of BTS has her genuinely interested in representing me and she’s giving me an unheard of chance based on my past work that I will finish by the deadline she has given me. As of today I am about to write the final chapter of BTS. Yes, I’ve written it a few times but I’m hoping this is it! My revisions so far fit what I have in mind for the last pages.

Until next time, good writing!

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