Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Tax Time is Upon Me

The New Year is here and I’m getting ready to enter tax mode. I’m one of those early filers. I like to get it out of the way and get any refund due. It’ll take me all month to gather all my receipts and other documents most of which I have to wait for because they have to be mailed. By the first week of February I should have everything I need and then I can make the appointment to have my taxes done. I’m too chicken to do them myself even with the plethora of software out there. I marvel at those who do, I’m too worried I’ll be the one to get audited. By the middle to end of February I should have my refund and then a few bills will be paid off and maybe we’ll finally get the ceiling up in our basement.

Today is a teacher in service day so my kids have an additional day off from school. Tomorrow we will resume our normal routine of work for me and my youngest and school. Even though I’ve had the entire winter break off with my kids I still woke at 5 am so I’ll have no trouble tomorrow rising for work and getting out the door to be there by 6:15. My youngest child on the other hand might have some trouble. She goes to work with me and then goes off to school when the before school care ends. My oldest child will rise and then resume her routine of breakfast, TV and putting the dogs in their crates and then getting herself off. I’m looking forward to going back to work and having my time in between shifts to write. I have two completed first draft novels ready for revision and I’m eager to finish one revision and start the other.

I would also love to find time to get creative with my photography. It’s been too long since I just had fun with my camera. Perhaps I’ll get some time today to photograph my kids and dogs.

Until next time good writing and Happy New year!

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