Thursday, February 15, 2007

Another Snow Day & Sick Rant

The kids have another snow day and I have one more day to get rid of the cold and cough that snuck up on me earlier this week. The downside to working with kids is they pass every little sniffle. My biggest peeve with parents is sending their kids to school sick. There have been days when I wonder what a parent was thinking sending their obviously sick child to school. If the child has a runny nose the least a parent could do is explain to the child that they need to blow their noses and then wash their hands. They could send their kids with tissues too. While I don’t have a fever I do have a cough and stuffy head. I’m tired and all that does no good when working with kids. How can I give 100% to any child when I feel like crap, so you would think that parents would realize that the same is true for their kid’s?

I know, parents can’t take the day off for every sniffle but they can take the time to be sure they aren’t sending a child to school or daycare that might infect another child or the workers. If the childcare workers aren’t at work who then takes care of your kids? To say this is a pet peeve of mine is putting it mildly because I go out of my way to make sure my children are healthy and if they have the sniffles I make sure they have tissues, maybe give them something for the cold and I remind them to wash their hands often. If my child is too sick for school she stays home and so do I. I lose a day of pay and I deal with it. I don’t get paid days off so I understand what it’s like to have a short paycheck. But dealing with those times is what being a parent is.

Anyhow, I’m off with my kids and I’m sick, it sucks but at least I’m home and warm. That’s more than some in my area have today. Thousands are without power and heat today because of yesterday’s ice and sleet storm. So today I will work on novel revisions, maybe get some reading in and I will definitely find time for a nap!

Until next time, good writing.

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