Monday, April 23, 2007

It’s been just under two

It’s been just under two weeks since my family and I said good bye to Luna and what a change in Wyatt, Josie, and Dexter.  W and D never quite got along with Luna or should I say they wanted to get along but Luna never quite made it to being comfortable with them no matter how much counter conditioning I did. Josie got on just fine with Luna but it is Josie that I see the most noticeable change. Josie is actually listening and doing what is asked of her the first time! Wyatt has started entering and exiting the family room on his own again and Dexter well he’s just Dexter. Dexter5088
I guess what has Dexter happiest is he’s allowed to play with toys again because Wyatt and Josie have no guarding issues the way Luna did.

Last week was Josie’s second anniversary with us. Sometimes it feels longer and other times I ask where’d the time go? She’s come a long way from the first days. I’ve almost forgotten that it took me nearly nine months to housebreak her and I’ve almost made peace that she’d rather sniff the air or ground than follow my lead. But she’s my girl and I wouldn't give her back for even the most obedient dog.

Saturday was a busy dog day for us. Dexter went to a meet and greet for VAGA and the husband went to pick up our emergency foster. Terrible me forgot her racing name, so my kids called her Rockin’ Robin.  Rockinrobin
She had just turned two in February and she was full of energy! When my husband and daughter arrived at the meet and greet she was amazing! She had a wonderful swoop in her tail and she greeted people with no problems. Not once did she tuck her tail. I thought for sure she’d tuck tail when she got to my home but she didn’t. Rockinrobin4
She did well with all three dogs. We had one bump in the road that afternoon when Rockin’ Robin was trying to nap. She and Josie decided to lie down at the same time on the same bed and some growling went on but that was it. I showed Robin to her crate and she made herself comfortable and all was right with the dog world.

Rockin’ Robin left yesterday to go to her long term foster. My girls were disappointed but I have decided that it is in the best interest of my dogs not to do long term fostering.

Until next time Woof, Woof and a Roo!

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