Monday, June 4, 2007

Heart Rate, Steps Up & Weight Down!

I’ve stepped up my walking. I am up to thirty minutes at a
decent heart pumping pace. Since I’m not an iPod or MP3 head phone wearing
person I'll take by buddy Wyatt Earp with me as company. Wj07

If today is any proof
my faster pace is not only helping me but tiring out my tireless goldendoodle! (He's the black dog.The other is his pal Josie the basset/pointer mix.)

I don’t usually weigh myself more than once a month but I
took a peek this morning and the numbers were down! I’ll post my weight again
on June 10th but if I keep it going it should go down another pound
or two. I’ve also hit the 15K mark is steps per day; my goal is to hit 18K a
day before the end of June and then maintain a 15 to 18K a day average. Also on
June 10th I plan to add small hand/wrist weights to my walks.

I’ve cut my calorie intake from close to 2400 a day to 1800
and that seems to be working because the weight is coming down. For now I’ll
leave the calories where they are and keep going with the walking.

Nourishing your body is only one part of getting healthy;
another aspect is nourishing your soul. I replenish my soul by reading and
writing daily. I also laugh. I’ll watch a funny show talk with my husband or
friends. I find the happier I become the easier it is to laugh with friends and
family. I also replenish my soul with art, photography and my dogs. Often I’ll
incorporate the three. My dogs are a huge source of entertainment, but they
also remind me to keep things simple, uncomplicated and fun. I didn’t include
my family in nourishing my soul because this is ME time, time for me to feel
good and happy on my own. They reap the benefit after with a happier ME
spending time with them. There is nothing wrong with having a portion of the
day or week set aside for just you. I’m lucky that I’m able to do it each day.

If you do nothing else each day try to at least find fifteen
minutes a day to do something for just you.

Until next time I hope you find what you’re searching for.

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