Sunday, June 10, 2007

New Book Club Pick, Additions to Reading List

Last Wednesday the ladies and I from book club met to
discuss the last part of Life of Pi and to choose our next book to read. We’ve
chosen to read one I read when it first appeared in print Time Off for Good
Behavior, by Lani Diane Rich. I enjoyed it the first time and I will no doubt
enjoy reacquainting myself with it over the next few days.  She’s written several others since her debut
and you can check them out at her web site.

After we discuss Rich’s novel a week from this Wednesday
we’ll read Jodi Picoult’s, Tenth Circle. I haven’t read anything by Picoult and
I’ve heard many good things about her writing. Tenth Circle will be up for discussion right after the
Fourth of July. After Picoult I’m not sure what our next book will be for the
club. No doubt I’ll already be reading one from the left. I’m not sure which
but I usually read two unrelated genres at a time. I’ve also added another
three to my list of waiting on the bookshelf-The Kite Runner, Between Georgia,
and Venus Envy the last two are written by women I know from a writing list we all
belong too. Supporting my fellow list mates and writers is important to me.
I’ll add all three to my ever growing list on the left.

I finished the first draft of my second Alex Steele novel on
Friday. I’ll let it sit a while and start the third and what I believe is the
final Alex Steele story. I am now the proud author of ten complete and
unpublished novels. I’ll probably start # 11 this month. Hopefully I’ll hear
from the agent who requested the full manuscript of Beneath the Surface soon.
I’m starting to get paranoid the longer she takes to read it. I’m not really
that nervous because whatever she decides I plan to continue writing and

Until next time Good Writing!   


  1. The Kite Runner is a most excellent read/listen. Kristen is listening to Hosseini's follow up book, A Thousand Splendid Suns. She says it might be better than his first.

  2. We did Kiterunner for our book club and it was a big hit. I didn't like Between, Georgia as much as I liked gods of Alabama, but my friend liked it more. There's a cool doll/butterfly museum in it though. I liked that.