Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Weight Down, More Sleep

I finally weighed myself this morning and quite frankly was
surprised to see I lost seven pounds (see vital stats on the right). I’ve done too
much sleeping the last few days and sat on my butt reading more than I should. What
saved me are my changed eating habits and possibly the fact that I walk Wyatt
before I go back to sleep.

I’m up every morning during the work week at 5 am because
that’s when the husband leaves for work and instead of crating the dogs again I
get up and work and keep an eye on the dogs. I’m supposed to work but lately I’ve
been sleeping. It’s the first week of summer vacation so I’m cutting myself
some slack because at least I’m continuing to walk. This morning I increased my
walk time to 30 minutes. Five minutes at a leisurely pace, then twenty minutes
at a brisk heart pumping pace and another five slowing down.

Now that I’m up I plan to clean and read. I’m learning what
the perfect business for me to start is. So I’m off to add to my steps count. Despite
sleeping I have 8K. 

Until next time I hope you find what you’re searching for.


  1. Maybe if I tracked my miles on my blog, I wouldn't be such a slacker half the time :) Glad to hear making good progress.

  2. Thank you, gyeong. I spend too much time reading and writing and wish I could make each word a step :)