Monday, June 18, 2007


Over the last couple of days I’ve had to realize that I
really do have a problem with unhealthy lungs. We’ve had smog alerts because
the temperatures and humidity is rising. A year ago I wouldn’t have paid
attention to the alert. This year I was trying to ignore but couldn’t because
it was difficult for me to sit outside yesterday and throw the ball for my dog
Wyatt. The short walk with my dogs last night wasn’t the easiest either. But
what really brought it home was my walk this morning to the grocery store. At
most it’s a quarter mile walk if that one way, but it was a difficult walk
because I could feel the heaviness of the air in my lungs. I felt my chest

The reason this happens is because my lungs don’t have the
elasticity of someone with healthy lungs. The little tiny bubbles that keep
lungs healthy are stretched out or popped. If I am careful to avoid smokers and
harmful chemicals, I should be able to live a long life. But I also have weight
to lose and a few other things to take care of health wise because heart
disease and stroke run in my family. My mother died at age 59 from a heart
attack and my father had two strokes and died from complications of a stroke
and heart attack. So losing the extra weight and getting my cholesterol down
are as important as keeping my lungs clear.

Summer has never been a favorite season of mine and now I
really don’t mind how quickly it passes. The quicker the better for my lungs,
but because it’s hear I can make adjustments and so I am. During the hot and humid
season I will walk before the sun rises or after it sets and dance to my own
music inside with the AC blowin’ and the music crankin’.

Until next time I hope you find what you’re searching for.

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