Thursday, July 5, 2007

Booby Smack Down

Today I had what my doctor termed a baseline mammogram, me I call it a “Booby Smack Down”! It isn’t the most pleasant test to go through but there are much worse ones, so if it’s time for your first mammograms don’t put it off because you think the smack down is too painful. Forty seconds of pressure is worth catching breast cancer early or knowing you don’t have it.

This test is part of my overall health check. My health is a work in progress and I’m far better off than I was last February. My weight is down; I’m back to exercising at least 30 minutes a day mostly walking my dogs in the early morning. I plan to add weights to my exercise plan at least twice a week and my diet is biggest change. I eat three balanced meals with two snacks a day. I’ve cut my calories from 2K a day to 1200 for my weight loss phase of The Best Life Diet. Surprisingly I am not hungry. I believe adding the weights will help aid in my weight loss. Weights are supposed to boost metabolism and that will only help me overcome the obstacle of one of my medications.

I am determined to lose the weight and the dreaded belly fat. I want to be a fit 40. I have two and a half years to reach that goal. I have about 55 pounds to go. In September I’ll have another fasting cholesterol test to see if after six months my new diet has lowered it to where it should be or at least significantly enough that medications won’t be necessary.

I’ve quit lying to myself and that was step one to getting myself on track. I’m still fat but I’m happier and I feel better than I did five months ago. This is not a quick fix for me this is a new way of living life. I’m proud of the weight I’ve lost and the steps I’ve accomplished thus far. The best part is my daughter’s get a front row seat to their mom reaching and attaining the dream of a healthy life style.

If it’s time for your Booby Smack Down gets it, 40 seconds of intense pressure is nothing compared to breast cancer.

Until next time I hope you find what you’re searching for.

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