Saturday, July 14, 2007

For One More Day and What's Next On My List

I finished the next book club pick. Actually I finished it in less than four hours, but then it was a short book. My book club chose to read Mitch Albom’s For One More Day. What a wonderful little book. I enjoyed reading it more than I thought I would since I was told it was depressing. It wasn’t depressing at all. I found it uplifting. Chick found himself. He over came huge obstacles and rebuilt his life. It’s a story of faith and hope. Albom’s book may not be long but every word has meaning.

Now I will finish reading Six Week Start-Up and Between Georgia, since I have already finished reading the book we chose to read after Albom’s. My group chose to read Venus Envy after For One more Day. We’ll discuss Albom’s book on the 25th and then Venus Envy will be discussed in August. So I’ll have plenty of time to read a few more books on my shelf since I’m already finished with the next two books.

So what are you reading?

Until next time Good Writing and Reading!


  1. 1) high fidelity by nick hornby
    2) short history of nearly everything by bill bryson
    3) second coming of curly red by jody seay
    4) best american essay 2006 (always read a short story or essay at night from this series or an anthology.)
    i've lost #3. it's here somewhere. i lose books in my house all the time. it's a very small house.

  2. Just re-read all the Harry Potter books....must have everything fresh in my mind for the new one....
    I am starting Venus Envy, and also waiting for me is Jasper Fforde's "Something's Rotten"

  3. The Robber Bride by Margaret Atwood - I'm trying to read all of her stuff - and I'm racking up quite a list. :) Oryx and Crake was AMAZING! And this one is really excellent so far.

  4. Right now... The Blood Debt by Sean Williams. It's the second in a series and I was a little disappointed at first, but it's growing on me. After that I will probably read the third in the series (the title escapes me at the moment)

  5. I'm onto the Ghost Orchard and still reading the Six Week Start up.